Sherwood Rahming is a genre bending artist, producer and engineer from the Bahamas.


“We have all these norms, but when you take the time to think about some things, they make no sense,” said Sherwood Rahming in an interview with Bahamian daily, The Tribune.


An artist like Sherwood only comes around once in a generation. At 23, this once aspiring chemist turned self-taught producer, engineer and performer has become the stubborn, forward-plodding, secular voice of reason from a country that describes itself as Christian.


Taking major cues from Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, 2Pac, and Nas; Sherwood Rahming has crafted a new sound that echoes the calls of higher consciousness and free love from those that came before him.


Of his first project “21st Century Slavery”, he adamantly says, “Don’t listen to that shit, bey.”


But, 3 years later, his debut project called Revitalized reveals a lot more of what Sherwood’s mind is capable. “As above, so below, the seed determines what you grow…”


Growth is all this eclectic new voice aims for. Fielding the success of his newest album Sherrí, Sherwood has begun to change and add to the narrative of love in The Bahamas, with sights set on the wider Caribbean, Canada and the United Kingdom. Sherrí, based on real-life experiences mixed with voice notes and organic instrumentation, is inarguably the solo album with the most outside incorporation to ever come out of The Bahamas.  


“That's my mission, that's my purpose; reason I’m on this earth is to shift the collective consciousness of Gaia. Associate me with people like Jesus, Buddha, Ghandi and Sahdguru; I’m just tryna raise your vibrations higher."


– Sherwood Rahming